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Family Constellation

Family Constellation is a 3D dynamic mapping process that uses live or inanimate representatives to show the spacial and directional information of the hidden patterns that exist in your family or organizational systems. This creates a zoom out lens of whatever place you are stuck and allows you see and shift these hidden patterns. Thus, breaking free of limiting cycles and creating new patterns of greatness. For yourself, your organization, your family, your world–for generations to come.

Family Constellations

We all know that we inherit our physical characteristics from our family. What is less known is that we also inherit our emotional patterns and organizational patterns. Few of us understand that our personal limitations, cycles of pain, or business failures, may be linked to hidden patterns in our family system. Making that connection allows us to shift.

In families: Unresolved traumas like suicide, early death of a parent, child or sibling, financial ruin, abortions, miscarriages can create an imprint on the family system and become a blueprint for generations of unconscious suffering. What's not addressed may surface in the lives of those who come later.

Organizational Constellations

In organizations: Unfair dismissals, disrespect, workplace killings, inadequate compensation etc may have similar impacts on that system. While details of the original trauma become more obscure over time, the symptoms become increasingly pronounced.

Unconsciously entangled in the 'family system', we inherit the family nervous system and often repeat the family fate. Self-sabotage, self-injury, chronic illness, depression, fear, anger, obesity, addictions, failure in relationships and business can all be forms of unconscious loyalties.

Using a zoom out lens of representatives or objects, we can expose hidden patterns that keep us stuck and explore the origins and effects of these unconscious loyalties on families or organizations. Once we understand these bonds, we have an opportunity to free current and successive generations from their influences, creating stronger, happier pathways for ourselves and our successors. Based on the Family Constellations Work of Bert Hellinger, the systemic approach bypasses judgments and opinions. Offering a clearer view of situations in both our private and business lives. By seeing 'what is’, we then have an opportunity to move towards ‘what’s possible’.

• Individuals can see the hidden and deeply unconscious loyalties they carry, as well as for whom they carry them. They can examine the current and potential effects these patterns have on their lives and their children's lives.

• Businesses gain a quick overview of dynamics in play within the company as well as insights into solutions that might allow them to expand in a healthy manner.

By using the systemic approach to determine where success, life, abundance or love stopped flowing, we have an opportunity to see what might have a good effect on the system, hand back what is not ours, find peace, have the support of the family or organization, honor the the ones who came first, see how the love stopped, and let the love flow with great support. Then we have a chance to re-establish order, balance, and flow in a life-sustaining manner with our families at our back in full support.†

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1 Hour Session

Family Constellation/ Org. Constellation

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2 Hour Session

Family Constellation/ Org. Constellation

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